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Submit a Trouble Ticket

Print Services is utilizing a new electronic ticketing system to track service requests.

If you are having trouble with a Print Services-managed printer or copier, or need other services (print drivers, address book changes, etc), please click the link below and submit a trouble ticket.

Print Services HelpDesk Portal

How to use the GMU Print Services Portal

The GMU Print Services Portal is located at and is the quickest

way to submit issues with a printer/copier.

When you visit the website, you will be presented with the following form:


The first field is your email address. Please use your GMU email address, so that we can contact you if we need more information.

Under the category pull-down, you will have the following options:


Please select the correct category related to the issue you are having.

The next field is the “Summary” field. This is where you can put a quick note relating to the issue. Please include the name of the copier/printer you are having issue with. For instance, if there is low toner on printer G, a good subject would be “Low Toner on printer G”

The final field is the detail screen. This is where you would put any pertinent notes, contact information, or troubleshooting you’ve already performed.